Don't petition the White House, Use

Don’t petition the White House, Use

Nov 18, 2012 Aaron Krager No Comments
Secessionists. I first want to say thank you for finally learning something from history. The last time so many desired to rid themselves of a tyrannical president they declared war on the Union. Thus, your use of a peaceful means through petitions on the White House’s site is commendable. Furthermore, each state now finds themselves represented by a petition and signatures from people possibly wanting to secede from the United States. Texas leads the way with more than 100,000 people asking the White House to address the issue. This is the same state governed by Rick Perry who drummed up his base of supporters with calls for seceding prior to his Republican bid for President. The irony seemed lost on him. Governor Perry is obviously not a viable option to lead the cause. He hardly put up a fight against a weak group seeking his party’s nomination. I also question...
The Country Moved to the Left Last Night

The Country Moved to the Left Last Night

The whole campaign season did not just depend upon the presidential race that finally came to an end last night. Yes, the country voted clearly to give Barack Obama another four years in the White House. He received more than 50 percent of the vote and won handily in the electoral college. Yet, it is what happened down the ballot that shows the nation’s move toward progressive values. It appears that Democrats will pick up a couple seats in the lower chamber but the real change happened on the senatorial level. Voters said no way to Republicans Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock after they attempted to scapegoat women and downplay the trauma of rape and sexual abuse. Furthermore, women won in Massachusetts, North Dakota, Hawaii, and Wisconsin for their first terms. All four of them will be more progressive legislators than their predecessors. In Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin will be the...
Republicans, Rape, Life, and Control of Women

Republicans, Rape, Life, and Control of Women

Oct 24, 2012 Aaron Krager No Comments
During last night’s Indiana Senate debate the Republican candidate, Richard Mourdock, did more than stick his foot in his mouth. I believe life begins at conception. The only exception I have for to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother. I struggled with myself for a long time but I came to realize life is that gift from God, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape. It is something that God intended to happen. Mourdock joined a club made exclusively of Republicans but a club that seems to be growing as the November election nears. Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh made a reprehensible comment about exceptions for the life of the mother following his debate. “There is no such exception. With modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance.” Complete crap as this woman explains. Of course who can forget Missouri...

Media Silence on Alawadi’s Death Staggering

Apr 2, 2012 Aaron Krager 6 Comments

In the last week or so I have turned on MSNBC to find myself flooded with the “latest” on the Trayvon Martin shooting. Most of the newest information is rehashed and still leads me to the conclusion that George Zimmerman should be charged with the murder of the 17-year old kid. A kid that only had Skittles and ice tea in his pockets. A kid that was talking with his girlfriend on the phone in the moments before his demise.

This tragedy should generate the attention, outrage, and activist support we see now. Hell, it should receive so much more and the magnifying glass of the press needs to be amplified.

But another tragedy currently sits on the back burner. It might explode onto the front pages in the coming days but it will once again there only because of activist outrage.

Outside of San Diego, Cal. a 32 year-old mother of five fell victim to a horrific hate crime. Shaima Alawadi’s family took her off life support on March 24 two days after her 17 year-old daughter, Fatima, found her bludgeoned to death with a note saying, “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

The Alawadi’s moved to El Cajon, Cal just three weeks ago after spending nearly two decades in Michigan. They came to suburb for her husband’s job as a private contractor for the U.S. Army. He serves as a cultural advisor and trains soldiers that are set to be deployed to the Middle East.

The family found a similar note soon after they moved in but brushed it off as a prank.

An innocent young mother beaten because of her heritage and for wearing a hijab. Meanwhile her husband has helped this country’s soldiers prepare for their time in the Middle East. He was doing a patriotic duty and she is killed because a few ignorant people thought they could.

Yet, where is this in the media’s outrage? Where are the protests?

A Facebook group is encouraging women to wear a hijab at some point this month. But it only has 10,000 likes thus far. In a nice piece for the Washington Post, Omar Sacirbey, notes that a Christian woman will wear one on Easter Sunday and others that are participating:

“I am a devout Christian and will be wearing hijab as a prayer in April,” wrote Karen Streeter of Pasadena, Calif., next to her photo of herself in a hijab. “Growing up, I was bullied because I was different from others, so I have had a taste of what it is like to be harassed because of how you look.”

Her killer(s) remain at large and unknown. That might be a factor in the lack of outrage as Trayvon’s killer is known and still free of any charges.

I am strongly believe a larger factor in the silence comes from an unsaid bias against people of the Islamic faith. For the last decades we have fought a war on terrorism aimed at Islamic countries. So-called leaders raised hell at a proposed community center run by an Imam near the site of 9/11. On television pundits routinely equate Islam with terrorism. Being a Muslim means you must be a terrorist. It was written on the note next to Awaladi’s body and the mainstream media’s lack of outrage says it as well.

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  • Reed

    This is an utter tragedy, and I almost can’t believe it happened in the United States in 2012. This is a modern lynching.

    If Fox News had any principles at all, they would be all over this story. It’s right up their alley. Except the fact that the family is Muslim of course.

  • Robert Cornwall

    Aaron, thanks for speaking out on this murder.  I think you’re right — the lack of attention and outrage is due to the fact that by and large there is a lack of sympathy or empathy for our Muslim friends.  

  • Rox Pranger

    I’m so discouraged – both Trayvon’s and Shaima’s deaths were both caused by people who have no tolerance for any difference in color or religious beliefs!  Both of these cases should be followed to ensure justice for the respective families!  This has GOT to stop – we were all made differently but perfectly in our own right!  What’s happening in our country & around the world saddens me so much!  I used to pride myself on being unbiased – but have found I’m prejudiced AGAINST people who ARE!  God bless us!  We sure need it!  My sympathy to both families!

  • Guest

    This is a horrible murder, but come on–this is domestic violence, and everybody–including the Iraqi community in El Cajon–knows it.  The custom of leaving a note describing the purpose of one’s crime is not American.  I’ll bet that note is covered with fingerprints and that handwriting is easily matched.  The paper probably came from the household stash in the printer, also easily traced.  The police/FBI have searched the entire house twice and carted away evidence up the ying yang AND  the family vehicle.  It doesn’t take a nobel scientist to figure out that this crime happened entirely  within the walls of that home–no stranger came in, busted ‘out’ a window from the inside, and beat that woman, over and over and over, in a personal, intimate way, to death.  When someone dies a violent, vicious, brutal death, look first at the family.  Look hard.  

  • Guest

    Trayvon was murdered by a vigilante.  Shaima was likely murdered by a family member.  

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