Don't petition the White House, Use

Don’t petition the White House, Use

Nov 18, 2012 Aaron Krager No Comments
Secessionists. I first want to say thank you for finally learning something from history. The last time so many desired to rid themselves of a tyrannical president they declared war on the Union. Thus, your use of a peaceful means through petitions on the White House’s site is commendable. Furthermore, each state now finds themselves represented by a petition and signatures from people possibly wanting to secede from the United States. Texas leads the way with more than 100,000 people asking the White House to address the issue. This is the same state governed by Rick Perry who drummed up his base of supporters with calls for seceding prior to his Republican bid for President. The irony seemed lost on him. Governor Perry is obviously not a viable option to lead the cause. He hardly put up a fight against a weak group seeking his party’s nomination. I also question...
The Country Moved to the Left Last Night

The Country Moved to the Left Last Night

The whole campaign season did not just depend upon the presidential race that finally came to an end last night. Yes, the country voted clearly to give Barack Obama another four years in the White House. He received more than 50 percent of the vote and won handily in the electoral college. Yet, it is what happened down the ballot that shows the nation’s move toward progressive values. It appears that Democrats will pick up a couple seats in the lower chamber but the real change happened on the senatorial level. Voters said no way to Republicans Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock after they attempted to scapegoat women and downplay the trauma of rape and sexual abuse. Furthermore, women won in Massachusetts, North Dakota, Hawaii, and Wisconsin for their first terms. All four of them will be more progressive legislators than their predecessors. In Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin will be the...
Republicans, Rape, Life, and Control of Women

Republicans, Rape, Life, and Control of Women

Oct 24, 2012 Aaron Krager No Comments
During last night’s Indiana Senate debate the Republican candidate, Richard Mourdock, did more than stick his foot in his mouth. I believe life begins at conception. The only exception I have for to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother. I struggled with myself for a long time but I came to realize life is that gift from God, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape. It is something that God intended to happen. Mourdock joined a club made exclusively of Republicans but a club that seems to be growing as the November election nears. Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh made a reprehensible comment about exceptions for the life of the mother following his debate. “There is no such exception. With modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance.” Complete crap as this woman explains. Of course who can forget Missouri...

Chicago Politics is Personal Too!

Apr 16, 2012 Aaron Krager No Comments

When I say the political is personal, I mean it. Chicago parents have a lot to worry about. On top of their child’s safety (rightfully the most important and major concern) they must deal with the quality of education they receive at school and the food served at lunch.

Sadly, they get served a hamburger patty with 25 other ingredients besides beef. Politicians want to use the kids as a political football to toss around and score a few points. As a result teachers might strike at the beginning of the next school year. All of this connects to a parent. It matters more than a debate on the national level pertaining to Hillary Rosen’s comments on Ann Romney. They live this day and night.

Right now Chicago residents that have a mental health issue or work in the field occupy the vacant lot adjacent to a city clinic slated for closure. They tried to stage a sit-in on Thursday night prior to their arrests. The advocates claim the patients would be cut off from services with half of the 12 city clinics closed. The mayor contends private facilities will provide them with the lost services, yet many of these people cannot afford private health insurance let alone the out of pocket costs. Multiple organizations formed a coalition called the Mental Health Movement but its influence on the administration has been minimal.

Meanwhile, more affluent groups and individuals garner much more influence on the mayor. Emanuel wants to begin a major investment fund for the city with a substantial amount of the money coming from the private sector and in return they are nearly guaranteed profits.

Rahm is running this city with a mentality of those with money get access. Those without go without. Governing in a city of more than two million people already leaves too many disenfranchised. Even aldermen feel powerless. I have heard from multiple aldermen that they are feeling immense pressure from the administration. Chicago Reader’s Mike Dumke even quoted two aldermen on the record stating as much.

So far, aldermen haven’t been briefed. “Do you think this administration tells us anything?” says Second Ward alderman Robert Fioretti, who for months has been wary of Emanuel’s behind-the-scenes summit planning.

Another skeptical alderman, Leslie Hairston of the Fifth Ward, says she only knows what’s been reported in the media. “That’s where I generally find my news about the city.”

Our local elected officials cannot even properly do their jobs due to Rahm’s pressure tactics, lack of communication, and their own inaction to stand up to him.

With all of this the people of Chicago will face reduced public services, less accountability, and a more privatized city. If you think a person in a poor neighborhood lacking access to mental health resources does not affect you then do not understand the idea of preventative care. At least one elected official understands – Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart:

“Reductions in funding for the mentally ill have made Cook County Jail the largest mental health provider in Illinois.”

It merely passes the buck off to a different tax base while making it more difficult to get the quality care needed.

Throw in the library cuts, the tax breaks for incredibly profitable companies, and TIF money held in something akin to a slush fund. The whole picture begins to form and reveals a corrupt system harming its citizens in the long-term. Activists see this picture in their work on specific issues. You see the passion played out in direct actions taking place on a weekly basis. It is why they want you to get involved. Are you game?

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